Healthy Eating and the Workhouse

Teachers' notes and linked resources

This cross-curricular KS2 resource has been developed by teachers using records from the North Yorkshire County Record Office on food and diet in the Victorian workhouse. 

Curriculum links:

KS2 History - Methods of historical enquiry - use of sources to select relevant historical information; Local history study - study of an aspect of history or site from a period beyond 1066; 
KS2 Literacy - Drama and roleplay; Reading different types of texts
KS2 Numeracy - Interpreting and presenting data using charts
KS2 Science - Working scientifically - gathering, recording and presenting data

Aims of resource:

To enable pupils to engage with and interpret original historical documents and use them in creative ways.

Learning objectives:

Knowledge of Victorian social history and life in the workhouse
Understanding of differences between life in the 19th Century and today
Skills to interpret and analyse historical sources

North Yorkshire County Record Office:

The record office holds a number of papers relating to workhouses in North Yorkshire including: Bainbridge, Bedale, Easingwold, Leyburn, Malton, Northallerton, Pickering, Reeth, Richmond, Ripon, Scarborough, Selby and Thirsk.


Ripon Workhouse:

Today Ripon Workhouse is open to the public as a museum. More information about Ripon Workhouse can be found on the museum website (link below).  


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