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Personal reactions to the museum visit

I liked the four poster bed. Maybe one day I will sleep in a bed like this!
I would have liked to have met the lady with the nine sons who all died in her lifetime. She sounds like a good woman, but what a painful story! I liked hearing about her.
I liked the big vase on the floor with the Arabic writing on it, and there were some small ones as well. There was one that was shaped like a jug that was very interesting. That had Arabic writing as well. The colours were lovely. And also the dresses had hand embroidery on them. That was really fascinating. I wouldn’t mind having a go at it!
There were quite a few things that I liked, but especially the big vase with the Arabic writing. I also liked the box (the optomotron) that contained all the bits of makeup, you know that toiletry container? That was lovely!
My favourite was the Chinese Room, but my favourite part was the jewelled clock. I liked that the most because I liked the jewels in it. That was really nice. There was a lot of detail included in our visit, but all of it was good. You know the history behind the house. I enjoyed all of it. I thought the house was fantastic. I think you’d need a full day to see it properly, if not longer.
I enjoyed looking at the cupboard with the embroidered panels inside. And I liked the woman who had the nine sons. It was such a sad story. What she must have gone through having lost all the nine sons!

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