Hamara Muslim Women´s Group create textiles

Reactions from project leaders

Some of the women were thinking that Temple Newsam is just somewhere to go and have a look quickly and then maybe have a picnic. They didn't know it was going to be so much involved like this but they’re really enjoying it and asking lots of questions.
They’re surprised that the English have put so much work into this place and that the place is still here after hundreds of years for them all to see. They’ve found it very interesting. Some of the ladies are matching items here with what they’ve got at home, for instance the big chest, they have similar chest back home in Pakistan. Perhaps not as beautifully crafted as this one, but it’s similar in terms of shape and purpose.
Aziza Din, Female Development Worker, Hamara Healthy Living Centre
Most of the women couldn’t understand why they were being taken to Temple Newsam. They were thinking if the house is a thousand years old it’s nothing to do with them! They have all seen old houses before! But when they visited inside and they saw the things that had been picked out for them, most of them enjoyed it.
Mumtaz Khan, Interpreter
I hope the ladies have got some design ideas because I understand they’re actually going to be working on an art project. And I hope they’ll have learnt a bit about western culture, and how a house like this would have worked on a day to day basis, you know the lady of the house and her servants. They have mixed interests, they like embroidery but also were interested in some of the paintings and Elizabeth I. I suppose what surprised me was that they should be so interested in western culture and taking that on board. Debbie, Learning Mentor, Temple Newsam 

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