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Mowbray Castle

Mowbray Castle perches on top of the hill. Itís a bit of a fraud because it was never a real castle! Itís elaborate 'eye-candy'. Like so many other buildings at Hackfall, it was built to thrill and tease visitors from afar, but was probably never intended to be visited close-up. 

Mowbray Castle from a different perspective (images right)  are contemporary photos using lens and colour treatments by Guy Carpenter, a photographer whose inspiration is taken from both urban and rural environments.

Mowbray Castle (right) by Ian Scott Massie is a contemporary watercolour on paper.  It captures the way the sky provides an ever-changing backdrop for the Castle. Ian is an artist and musician living in Masham, North Yorkshire, although he grew up in Berkshire close to where the artist Paul Nash grew up. From this point of connection he came to appreciate Nash's idea of painting the 'personality' of the landscape.

The Castle also features in the distance in Turnerís painting Hackfall near Ripon.


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