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Mowbray Point

Famous essayist Reverend William Gilpin wrote in 1772 about the 'picturesque beauty and sketch techniques'

Through the whole of this grand scene Ė this delightful graduation of light and colours Ė nature has wrought with her broadest and freest pencil. The parts are ample: the composition perfectly correct. She hath admitted nothing disgusting, or even trivial. I scarce remember any where an extensive view so full of beauties, and at the same time, so free from faults.

As you can tell from this quote from an early visitor, Mowbray Point has sensational views. Itís a great place to look across the whole of Hackfall and far beyond; almost to the sea in fact. 

You can view a video of 'The View from Mowbray Point' on You Tube - see Related Links below.

Mowbray Point is also home to The Ruin or Banqueting House. It looks like a Roman ruin but again itís a fake for the pleasure of visitors.  Today itís been restored and you can even stay in it overnight; what a cracking view to wake up to - possibly one of the finest in North Yorkshire!


Find out more on the Landmark Trust website - see Related Links below.

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