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The Rustic Temple and Fountain Pond

Fountain Pond sits at the bottom of a steep cliff with Mowbray Point and The Ruin crowning it.  The Pond did have a fountain which has been recently restored. As in its heyday, water now leaps four metres above the pondís surface, taking visitors by surprise as they wander into the shady glade.

The Rustic Temple sits alongside the Pond.  It was the setting for John Blakeyís painting of Madonna and Child (below, right) which was commissioned for Masham Church.  You can visit the Church and see the work in situ. Born in 1954 and coming from industrial Leeds John Blakey fell in love with the Yorkshire Dales, where at the age of fifteen he saw the sparkling clean river Wharfe that he said changed his life. Although much of his work is in oils, he is renowned for his realistic watercolour technique, using a pure wash technique with no Chinese-white. His colours are not thickened as in gouache, yet he is able to create rich tone of colour.

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