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The Grotto and Forty Foot Falls

The Grotto is a tumble-down building ideal for visitors to stop and rest awhile. The view is of Forty Foot Falls (though it's sometimes a bit of a trickle!).  Historically, more water was released to swell the falls to something more impressive and delight visitors.

The historic photo above shows visitors to the woods captured for prosperity. See Related Links below for more photos from the Grewelthorpe Photo Archive.

David Rodway captures some of the magic of the flowing water at Forty Foot Falls in his photo of a section of the Falls (right). This image is from a series taken during the reconstruction work at Hackfall from 2007 until 2009. David took before and after images for the Woodland Trust over an 18 month period with themed titles including Autumn Colours, Silhouettes and Shadows and Hackfall in May (with the glorious bluebells!).

A faint preparatory pencil sketch of a waterfall can be found in one of Turnerís sketchbooks (above).  Is it Forty Foot Falls?  The sketchbook is held by the Tate.

'The year 1797 must have been one of the happiest of Turner's early life. For the first time he got fairly into the north of England, and became acquainted with a kind of scenery which he loved for ever after'.

Philip Gilbert Hamerton, in The Life of J M W Turner, 1879.

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