Hackfall, Landscape Inspiration for Artists

Entering Hackfall

Extract from:

A Voice from Hackfall
by James Casmey, Nail Maker, Grewelthorpe, May 1859

Thrice welcome to our woodland shade,

Where stands the veteran oak,
That long has stood old tempestís stroke;
Also the stately ash youíll see
With arms outstretched to welcome ye
To view Dame Natureís works of art,
Which youíll find here in every part,
Mixít with the handy work of man
Upon a grand romantic plan.


(You can read Casmey's poem in full on the Grewelthorpe website - see Related Links below).


Through the Woods (pictured above) is a contemporary print by Janis Goodman, showing patterns of branches and new growth in the woods at Hackfall.

Janis writes of her work - 'I am as intrigued by the repetitive patterns formed by roofs, walls and chimney pots as I am by plants, birds and trees. I like the unusual in the midst of the repetitive and everyday; details which amuse, enthrall or just make me look again. I try to avoid sentimentality but concentrate on the quirky and revealing. Using etching and aquatint in combination allows me to play with texture and detail'.

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