Goathland as a Contrasting Locality

How people access amenities outside Goathland   

Goathland is a remote village which has a few shops which sell mostly souvenirs for tourists, so local residents must travel to Whitby, Pickering or beyond to get basic items such as food, furniture and 'white goods.'


How do local people get about?

Just past the row of shops, on the other side of the road is a bus shelter. A Yorkshire Coastliner service goes through the village every couple of hours, going towards either Whitby and Leeds. However it's no good if you want an early start, the first bus comes through Goathland at about 10am! Click on the link below to see the timetable for this bus service.


The North Yorkshire Moors Railway is another option especially as they now run into Whitby on a regular basis, but trains don't run regularly from November to March.


Most people own a car simply because it is the best way of getting to other places. 


Below is the set of three worksheets which cover the entire walk round Goathland Village. Also included is a simple map for children to add to as they locate relevant features.

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