Goathland as a Contrasting Locality

Leaving the station

As we leave the station to go and explore the village, we cross over a bridge. On the right is a house called 'The Mill' - evidence of more industry in the area.


Walking up a steep hill towards the village, there is a green container at the side of the road, with the words 'grit salt' on the top. What is this for? Round the villages on the North York Moors there are a lot of these to be seen. They contain road salt for the winter months. When it snows, the gritters' priorities are to keep the main roads open. The smaller, more remote roads are left till last and motorists have to try and keep the roads clear themselves.


As we walk into the village, there is an entrance to a hotel with a cattle grid. There are sheep grazing around the village and some places have installed cattle grids to keep them off their property!


Below is the set of three worksheets which cover the entire walk round Goathland Village. Also included are the I-Spy activity sheet and a simple map for children to add to as they locate relevant features.

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