Goathland as a Contrasting Locality

Looking at Goathland Station

Goathland Station was built to serve the growing needs of the village when the deviation line (they replaced the steep incline with a section of railway with a gentler gradient called the deviation line) was opened. It is the newest station on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and has been restored to recreate a station on the old North Eastern Railway in 1922.


The station is famous for its parts as 'Hogsmeade' in Harry Potter and 'Aidensfield' in Heartbeat.


At the end of the platform you will see a semaphore signal. This tells the train driver whether it is safe to go or not. This is important as the North Yorkshire Moors Railway is only a single line except for the stations, where there are extra tracks to allow trains to pass each other. Nowadays signals are in the form of lights.


See below for child's worksheet based on Goathland Station. Also available is an I-Spy sheet for younger children. Much discussion can develop from a simple I-Spy activity.

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