Goathland as a Contrasting Locality

The Journey from Pickering

If you start your journey at Pickering,you will experience the thrill of nearly an hour of travelling in the height of the steam era!


At Pickering there is always lots to look at. There is a turntable near the level crossing as well as a variety of coaching stock and wagons in various stages of restoration.


Just outside Pickering is a trout farm on the right and a fishing lake on the left. Once out of the station, there is also plenty to look out for out of the train windows - look for sheep, cows, horses, rabbits and even deer along the way.


The first stop is Levisham, a small country station set in about 1912. Often trains cross here, so look out for another locomotive coming through.


The train then travels through Newtondale, a lonely run through remote country. There is a station here, but trains only stop if someone wants to get on or off. Coming out of Newtondale, the train heads into a more open area called Fen Bog before heading into Goathland.

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