Goathland as a Contrasting Locality


This Learning Journey is based on a trip on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway to the popular village of Goathland, well known as Aidensfield from the TV series 'Heartbeat', and Hogsmeade in 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.'


The children will complete some preparatory work at school before spending a day visiting the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, stopping at Goathland for a walk round the village (about a mile). There, the children will investigate the range of housing and amenities available to the inhabitants, and will be given the opportunity to reflect on the effect the coming of the railway had on what used to be a remote village, and how the series Heartbeat has changed Goathland even more.


There are also opportunities for children to study physical geography and mapwork.


See below for planning document. This is in Word format so that it can be adapted to suit the nature of the class.


Curriculum Links:


KS2 Geography - QCA Unit 13A Contrasting Locality

KS2 History - QCA Unit 12 How did life change in our locality in Victorian Times?


Generic Learning Outcomes:


Knowledge and understanding

  • learning about the history of Goathland, and the role of the railway in developing the village
  • Learning about how essential services operate in a remote location
  • Understanding how tourism has changed the village

Attitudes and values

  • Children are encouraged to imagine what life was like before the railway, and then how it has changed since the coming of the railway in 1835, moving on to the opening of the NYMR in 1969 and the filming of Heartbeat in the village.
  • Children are encouraged to see the NYMR as an interesting and exciting experience to be repeated

Enjoyment, Inspiration and Creativity

  • Children should be able to enjoy themselves on the railway
  • Children should be surprised by the differences between their home town/ city and the tiny village

Action, Behaviour, Progression

  • This visit can be used as a stepping stone to further investigations into Victorian life, history of transport etc.
  • Children should be able to investigate further the role of railways in enabling paople and goods to travel further than they could before

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