Global Citizens - Make an Impact!

Curriculum links and learning objectives

Aim of resource:

This resource has been developed in consultation with teachers and education professionals. It is a cross-curricular, 'theme' based resource and introduces key elements of citizenship, alongside other subjects. Downloadable activities, fact sheets and lesson plans are provided as well as films, presentations and an interactive.

Learning objectives:

Knowledge  of key citizenship issues (eg. modern day slavery, fair trade, identity and diversity, racism, human rights)

Understanding of what it means to be a 'Global Citizen'

Skills in active citizenship skills by means of discussion and debate


QCA / curriculum links:



Unit 1 – Taking part- communication, participation skills

Unit 2 – Choices

Unit 5 – Living in a diverse world

Unit 7 – Children’s Rights – Human Rights

Unit 8 – How do rules and laws affect me?


Unit 4 – Why do we remember…?


Unit 24 - Passport to the world

Unit 16 - What's in the news?



2. Listening and Responding

3. Group Discussion and Interaction

7. Understanding and interpreting texts

8. Engaging with and responding to texts

Art and Design - Visiting a museum, gallery or site




KS3 Unit 1 – Citizenship- what’s it all about?

KS3 Unit 3 – Human Rights

KS3 Unit 4 – Britain a diverse society?

KS3 Unit 10 – Debating a global issue

KS4 Unit 1 - Human Rights

KS4 Unit 3 – Challenging racism and discrimination

KS4 Unit 4 – How and why are laws made?

KS4 Unit 9 – Consumer rights and responsibilities


KS3 Unit15 – Black peoples of America from slavery to equality?

Religious Education

KS3 Religious Education strand – People and Rituals , Ceremonies, Festivals and Celebrations

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