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Citizenship Sessions at Wilberforce House

Global Citizenship led sessions at Wilberforce House

These innovative Global Citizenship sessions at Wilberforce House offer a unique opportunity to investigate modern day slavery, fair trade, debating and campaigning, and rights and responsibilities.


Freedom and Fair Play

Key Stage 1 (1 hour)
Key Stage 2 (2 hours)

QCA Citizenship Units 1, 2, 5, 7

QCA Geography Units 22, 24

QCA Literacy Y1/2


This fun, yet thought-provoking led session uses role-play, gallery interaction and lively debate to raise awareness of global issues (including modern day slavery), their impact today and how young citizens can make a contribution.


Unfinished Business

Key Stages 3 (2 hours)
Key Stage 4 (2 hours) 

QCA KS3 Citizenship Units 3, 4, 9, 10

QCA KS4 Citizenship Unit 1

QCA KS3 History Unit 15


What made the Abolitionists campaign so extraordinary? Students reflect upon the fight against slavery 200 years ago, before investigating slavery and human rights issues today. Students identify tactics used by the abolitionists and campaigners today in order to create their own modern day slavery campaign brief.


These led sessions are ideal for schools working towards the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Award, YHGSA Global Schools Award or BT Better World Campaign.

Preparation for your visit to Wilberforce House

The KS2 led session  Freedom and Fair Play and the KS3 and KS4  Unfinished Business led sessions include some gallery work in small groups. These groups are led by adult leaders who have been brought by you to assist on the day (Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Parents etc). The Adult Leaders may wish to prepare by downloading the relevant  Adult Leader Information Pack below.


Pre-visit activities:

In preparation for your visit to Wilberforce House Museum, for a Global Citizenship led session you may like to do some of the activities included in this resource. For a full list of downloadable resources go to the pink 'Downloads' icon at the top left hand corner of this page.


For more help and information:

  • See the downloadable leaflet  The Fight isn't Over below.
  • See the  School Programmes (Primary / Secondary) below. These include all the key information you will need to plan your visit.
  • See below for an adaptable Risk Assessment for the museum
  • See below for a downloadable floor plan of Wilberforce House 
  • See the  Related Links below for a map of Wilberforce House 

Full information about Wilberforce House Museum.

If you would like to book a Global Citizenship led session, please contact: Heritage Learning on 01482 318733.

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