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What is Discrimination? What is Equality?

Discrimination and Equality are key themes in the Contemporary Galleries at Wilberforce House. Aspects of racism and religious discrimination are discussed by students in the video  Freedom Forum

Downloads below:

KS1/2 - Activity:  Blue Eye / Brown Eye 

KS2-4 - Discussion sheets:  What is Racism? 

What is Religious Discrimination

KS3/4 - Film/activity:  Roots of Racism? 

- Activity:  Speak Out

(Download the  Teacher's Notes to get the most from these activities!)


What is Discrimination?

Discrimination is when someone is treated differently or unfairly because of their racial or ethnic origin, disability, religion or belief, age, sex or sexual orientation. Unfortunately, discrimination exists in all races and cultures and anyone can experience it. People can be discriminated against in different ways and it can occur because of 'real' differences or 'perceived' differences (or pre-conceptions).


What is Equality?

Everyone has a right to live happily and be free from discrimination. The opposite of discrimination is equality. Equality is about treating everyone the same, not about giving certain people 'special treatment' or 'extra rights'. It means treating everyone as individuals with respect and consideration. It is about acknowledging and appreciating diversity and difference.


In addition, equality means making sure that we donít use negative attitudes, stereotypes or misconceptions about certain individuals, groups or communities.

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