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What is Cultural Diversity?

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KS2-4 -  We are Hull! - Our Stories! Five films by young people  (download from Video section below)

- Activities:  We are Hull! - Our Stories! 

KS1/2 - Activity:  Britain- What does it mean to us?

Fact Sheet: A Diverse History  

Fact Sheet:  How Diverse is Britain? 

KS3/4 - Activity:  The Citizenship Test - How would you do? 

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What is 'Cultural Diversity'?

The phrase 'Cultural Diversity' means a range of different societies or people of different origins, religions and traditions all living and interacting together. Britain has benefited from diversity throughout its long history and is currently one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.


The food we eat, the music we listen to, and the clothes we wear have all been influenced by different cultures coming into Britain. Ethnic food, for example, is part of an average British diet. One of Britain's favourite dishes is Indian curry. Britons have enjoyed curry for a surprisingly long time - the first curry went on an English menu in 1773.


Even the English language developed from the languages spoken by Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavian Vikings and Norman French invaders. New words were added from the languages of other immigrants over the years.


Valuing Our Cultural Diversity

In Britain today there is an estimated 'ethnic minority' population of just over 4 million. We live in a country with a rich cultural heritage, but the value in this diversity is sometimes not fully seen.


Valuing our diverse culture is all about understanding and respecting the beliefs of others and their way of life, as we would expect someone to respect ours. It is about supporting individuals in keeping their cultural traditions alive and appreciating the fact that all these different traditions will enrich British life both today and in the future.

A Diverse History

Cultural diversity in Britain goes as far back as recorded history. Only when we consider our history do we get a true picture of how diverse Britain today really is. Each group of settlers brought with them different foods, fashions, languages, beliefs and lifestyles. People from all over the world have contributed to the Britain we live in today and they continue to do so.

Download the fact sheet  A Diverse History  to find out more!


- See the link below to Benjamin Zephaniah’s poem ' The British'.


British Citizenship Test – How would you do?

If you are moving from a different country today and would like to settle in the United Kingdom, you are now required to pass what is called the Life in the UK Test. 

Click on the link below to visit the Life in the UK Test homepage. Questions in the test range from British history, British law and employment rights, to the role of women, human rights and education. How do you think you would you do?

- Download the resources below!

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