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What is a Global Citizen?

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What is a Global Citizen?

Today, every single one of us is a 'Global Citizen', whether we are conscious of it or not. Global inter-dependence happens every day. We rely on countless different people from all over the world for the clothes we wear, the food we eat and the technology we use. Our daily lives are constantly affected by what people on the other side of the planet are doing!


The history of Global Citizenship

'Global Citizenship' is a relatively new term, but it is based on ancient concepts. In both Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, a 'citizen' was someone who not only belonged to a place, but also played a role in advancing society and making life better for everyone.


As the theory of 'citizenship' developed and interaction between different countries and cultures increased, several Ancient Greeks and Romans began to call themselves 'citizens of the world' (or 'global citizens'). They started to look at their lives in a much wider context.


Citizenship has never been simply about 'belonging' to a place. It is also about making positive changes, and considering the wider environment. A Global Citizen is someone who cares about themselves, how they act and how their actions impact others, both locally and remotely. A Global Citizen is more importantly, someone who is willing to act if they feel that the world they live in is not yet how it should be.

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