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Amy Johnson and her husband
Amy Johnson's Logbook
KS1 Inspirational People, KS1 Women's history, KS2 _Exploration, KS2 Geography, KS2 History, KS4 Gender Studies, KS4 History,
Head of Nesyamun
Ancient Egypt: Death and the Afterlife
KS2 English Language, KS2 History, KS2 Literacy,
The bandages of the Leeds Mummy, Nesyamun
Ancient Egyptians: Objects from Daily Life
KS2 History,
An Ancient Greek bust of Medusa the Gorgon
Ancient Greeks: Everyday Life, Beliefs and Myths
KS2 English Literature, KS2 History, KS2 Literacy,
Screen grab of an animation
Animation Toolkit
KS2 Art and Design, KS2 Arts Award Discover and Explore, KS2 Cross Curricular, KS3 Art and Design, KS3 Cross Curricular,
Anti-German Sentiment in the First World War
KS3 Citizenship, KS3 History, KS4 Citizenship, KS4 History,
Victorian child apprentice
KS3 Citizenship, KS3 History,
Detail of An Arab Weaver painting by Armand Point
Armand Point and Islamic Architecture
KS2 _Daily Life, KS2 _Textiles, KS3 Art and Design, KS4 Art and Design,
Portrait of an Elizabethan Lady
Art Across the Curriculum
KS2 Art and Design, KS2 Arts Award Discover and Explore, KS2 Design and Technology, KS2 Drama, KS2 English Language, KS2 Geography, KS2 ICT, KS2 Literacy, KS2 Maths, KS2 Science,
Art 4 Maths logo
KS3 Art and Design, KS3 Maths,

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