From Suffering to Suffrage

Teachers' notes, activities and linked resources

This resource focuses on the women's suffrage movement and in particular the involvement of women from the Huddersfield area.  


Curriculum links:

KS3-4 Citizenship - Development of the democratic political system in the UK; operation of Parliament

KS3 History - Challenges for Britain and the wider world 1901 - present - Women's suffrage

Learning objectives:

Knowledge and understanding of the struggle for women's suffrage and its relevance today 
Skills to interpret historical sources

Discussion ideas:

  • Why was it important for women to have the vote?
  • What did different groups of people think about women’s suffrage?
  • How might middle and working class women have felt differently about the vote?
  • Do people have a responsibility to use their vote?
  • What do you know about places around the world in which women or certain groups can't vote?

Activity ideas:

  • History/Citizenship:
    Hold a class debate with groups arguing for and against the suffrage movement. Groups could represent different perspectives - suffragettes, women who did not want the vote etc.

    The 'Cat and Mouse Act' could be used as a particular moment in time for discussion. Pupils could research the terms, intentions for and results of the act. Pupils could also research the WSPU and actions taken by the militant suffragettes to draw attention to the campaign.

  • History/English: Create a brochure for the WSPU

    Pupils could be given the scenario that they are new members of the Huddersfield Women's Social and Political Union in 1906.

    The union creates pamphlets to put its point across to as many people as possible. Pupils can carry out research into the imagery used by the suffragettes and create their own. The pamphlet should contain the following information:

    • Why it is important for women to get the vote
    • What the WPSU does to campaign for the vote
    • Why new members should get involved

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