From Suffering to Suffrage

The Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU)

The WSPU 'Colours' were an early stroke of marketing genius. Dreamt up in 1908, the unusual combination of colours green (representing hope), purple (dignity) and white (purity) was used in WSPU campaigns everywhere. 

The colours brought the movement together and appeared everywhere from banners, pamphlets, newspapers, posters, to clothing, such as scarves, ribbons and jewellery. 

Extension activity ideas:

  • Art/Textiles:
    Pupils can make friendship bracelets, using the WSPU colours
    (Download a bracelet-making instruction sheet)

  • Art/Design:
    Design your own WSPU banner, either using materials or ICT 
    Use these banners as a class and have your own march, as they would have done to gain attention to their cause, handing out pamphlets and shouting about their cause.

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