Fossils Game

Fossils Activities and Related Curriculum Links

A short summary of each activity and related Curriculum areas is listed below. Each activity sheet contains more detailed Curriculum Links and learning objectives. Links to all downloads are at the bottom of the page.


Branching Database - Science, ICT

A whole class activity creating a branching database based on the fossil creatures within the game, helping pupils to recognise defining characteristics of the various creatures and group them accordingly.


Environments and Adaptation - Science, ICT

An activity introducing the idea of animals adapting to their environments to survive and introduces food chains and ecosystems. Pupils will group creatures according to the time period in which they lived and be able to articulate why some creatures survived and some became extinct. Includes pupil worksheet on when fossils were living creatures.


Geodance - PE, Music, ICT

A dance activity acting out the process of fossilisation and encouraging pupils to think about the way different creatures might have moved.


Jigsaw - Design and Technology, ICT

A design activity focussing on designing and making a jigsaw based on images from the Fossils game.


Moving Dinosaur - Design and Technology, ICT

A set of three session plans including planning, designing and making a moving dinosaur, with planning and design sheet templates for pupils to complete. 


Travelling Back in Time - Numeracy, History, Citizenship/Geography, ICT, RE

A class activity creating a timeline including the time periods from the fossils game and other important periods in time, to help pupils comprehend the time scale of the existence of life on Earth

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