Fossils Game

Teachers' Notes

This learning resource has been developed to enable teachers to build on the interest created by the Fossils Game. In all cases, time will need to be allowed for an initial exploration of the game either as part of a lesson, a lunch time or after school activity or as homework.


All activities include elements relating to the Literacy curriculum, particularly strands relating to speaking, listening and responding, group discussion and interaction. The use of ICT in extension activities is also suggested in some activities.


See next page for details of activities and curriculum links. 


The Fossils Game Interactive was devised by the National Stone Centre and Moving Media, with funding from Renaissance East Midlands, to stimulate pupilsí interest in fossils and geological time.


Pupils visiting the National Stone Centre after playing the game demonstrated good general background knowledge and familiarity with the concept of geological time. However, as with any game, pupils may initially want to explore all the levels as quickly as possible rather than spend time reading the informative content.

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