Food Photographs of Post War Britain

Inspiring Learning for All Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding

Pupils will develop factual knowledge of people and activities in post war Britain. They will understand how photographs can be used to obtain information and compare past and present. Pupils will gain an understanding of the importance of a healthy diet.


Pupils will learn new research, information management and data selection skills. Social and communication skills will be developed by working in groups on these activities.

Attitudes and Values

Using original source material will motivate pupils and inform attitudes towards history, bringing the subject 'to life'. The activities will enhance empathy for people and their situation in the post war era.

Activity, Behaviour and Progression

The activities open the doorway to further study of original archival material.

Enjoyment, Inspiration and Creativity

These activities will enrich and enliven the teaching of History, PSHCE, and Literacy.

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