Food Photographs of Post War Britain


Ideas for activities using the 'Food Photographs':

  • Use individual photographs as a Philosophy for Children lesson. Show a photograph to the class or give out copies. Ask pupils to generate questions which they would like to discuss. All questions are valid and should be recorded. The pupils then vote on their favourite question and this is discussed first.
  • Create a question game track based on a photograph. Pupils take it in turns to throw the dice and move to a question square. They then have to pose a question about the photograph for discussion.
  • In pairs, groups, or as a class look at the photographs and devise the conversations that could be taking place. This could be extended through drama or role play.
  • Create a 'freeze frame' of a group from one of the photographs. Use thought tracking to examine what each person is thinking before and after the moment captured in the photograph.
  • Invite pupils to 'step inside' a photo. What can they see, hear, smell, touch and taste? Use this as a basis for drama, speaking and listening or descriptive writing.
  • Compare the photographs to modern photographs of a similar subject. Markets, kitchens, food and the role of women could all provide a focus for this activity.   

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