Food in the 1950s

Teachers' notes and linked resources

This resource is one of a series entitled 'Back to the 50s' intended to develop pupils' understanding of local history in the Yorkshire Region during the 1950s. Other resources in the series include:


Family Life

Hobbies and Entertainment 


The resource includes film footage from the Yorkshire Film Archive, images, worksheets, activity ideas, pupil's responses and a quiz.


Curriculum links

KS2 Citizenship - Our Bodies - Healthy Eating

KS2  English - Non-fiction texts; Speaking and Listening - group discussion

KS2  History - Study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupilsí chronological knowledge beyond 1066 (eg. 'wars throughout History', 'food throughout History', 'Rationing throughout History')

Aim of the resource:
To help pupils discover the contrasting living conditions between 1950s and modern Britain.

Learning objectives:
Knowledge of life in the 1950s and the effects of wartime rationing

Understanding of the differences between modern and post-war Britain  

Skills to draw on primary resources to learn about the past


Case Study: 

Over a period of 6 weeks, Yorkshire Film Archive and Leeds Industrial Museum worked with pupils from St Barts Primary School in Armley to investigate how the people of Leeds would have lived in the 1950s. During the workshops the children used original documents, photos, film resources and interviews to discover the similarities and differences between life in the 1950s and the present day.

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