Food and Diet in WWII

Healthy eating

Using the Ministry of Food's Food Facts, taken from the Whitby Gazette, 1940-1941.


Healthy Eating - Design & Technology, Science, PSHCE

  • Focus on potatoes and carrots (1 November 1940, 24 January 1941, 7 February 1941). Why were they considered to be such a good food? Research using the Food Facts and then extend this to include other sources.
  • An 'acrostic' is a number of lines of writing, especially a poem or word puzzle, in which a combination of letters from each line spells a word or phrase. Pupils could create a potato or carrot acrostic for today using the model at the bottom of the page from 7 February 1941 and their own research.
  • Focus on bread using Food Facts of 4 April 1941, 2 May 1941 and 25 July 1941. Sample different breads today and compare them to ones available in 1941. Which bread is most popular now?
  • Design and make your own National Healthy Bread. Devise a leaflet or Food Fact to promote this.
  • Research Super Foods for today and devise Food Facts for these.
  • Use Food Facts dated 7 March 1941 and focus on pack ups. Recreate these carried meals and evaluate. Devise new carried meals for today. 


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