Food and Diet in WWII

Persuasive writing

Using the Ministry of Food’s Food Facts, taken from the Whitby Gazette, 1940-1941. 


Literacy: Persuasive Writing

  • Use a selection of the Food Facts for shared, guided and independent reading. Discuss who the writer is and what their purpose and audience is. How is this reflected in the extract?
  • In groups or as individuals pupils should devise a Food Facts advert of their own for today, linked to a healthy eating agenda.
  • Invent a food character for today using Potato Pete as a model 
  • Role play or write and film a food TV advert for 1940 using information from the Food Facts.
  • Role play or write and record a radio broadcast for Radio Kitchen Front  Food Fact 1 November 1940
  • Reinstate the Ministry Of Food for today. What would their role be? Why? Use the Food Fact from 3 January 1941 as a model for a new leaflet for today, designing a logo and slogan.
  • Find out what the word 'doggeral' means and use the doggerel rhymes from Food Facts of 29 November 1940 and 13 December 1940 as models and come up with a new rhyme for today to persuade people to eat healthily.

Literacy: Activities

  • Follow some of the recipes and evaluate the instructions
  • Rewrite the instructions based on these evaluations
  • Hold a WWII day with the pupils cooking lunch from the recipes
  • Experiment and make up recipes for today based on eating priorities now (healthy eating). Produce a leaflet or recipe book with these. This could link with food technology work.

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