Folk Art and The Whalers

Teachers' notes and linked resources

This resource has been designed to encourage tutors to access the wealth of historical information found in the Hull Maritime Museum. 

A downloadable self-guided resource is available for post-16 students studying Art and Design. It aims to help students develop effective museum collection research skills for use in further study. The 'Tutorís Notes' pack provides museum and post-visit activities.


At the Museum, the students will concentrate their investigations on the collection of Scrimshaw Ė the art of the Whaler. These objects present a snapshot of the life and times of the whaler. It reminds us of the prolific whaling period of the early nineteenth century, and is insightful of Hullís past. Hull Maritime Museum holds the largest collection of Scrimshaw in Europe.


The downloadable 'Self-Guided Resource Pack' includes background information sheets, images, four questionnaires, and post visit activities. Each questionnaire encourages a group of students to explore the historical and social context in which Scrimshaw was created, using the Museum artefacts. Encourage the students to evaluate their investigation through delivering a presentation of their research.


Course Links

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EDEXEL Fine Art (AS 8031 and A2 9031)

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Unit 1 6031 A-F: Art and Design Coursework

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Suitable as an induction for new students attending art or other courses.


 Learning Outcomes

  • Differences in the production of, and attitudes to, art and design across different times and cultures.
  • How images and artefacts relate to the time and place in which they were made and to their social and cultural contexts
  • Exploration of the visual qualities of selected works, together with development of an understanding of the context within which the work was made
  • Analyse and critically evaluate art and design practice demonstrating an understanding of purposes, meanings and contexts.
  • Apply knowledge and understanding in making images and artefacts

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