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What is a Film Review?

A film review is either a written or spoken evaluation of a film.


The creator of the review usually includes their opinions of the film, detailing information about who created the film, actors and actresses in the film, comments on the plot, whether or not they enjoyed it and if they would recommend the film to others. Sometimes reviewers rate the film with stars.


Here is an example of a film review.  This was written by a Girl Guide during a visit to Armley Mills and viewed in the museum's 1930s replica cinema.



Another great product of Mack Sennitt also known as the ĎKing of Comedyí. Itís all about a rescue situation as a young boy finds himself in trouble. The Police Force wants to be the first one there to rescue the poor boy and will do anything in order to do so. It was a hilarious script that will have you laughing for hours.


It has music that you will just want to dance to. A young Girl Guide said "It was funny but sometimes you did not know what was going on".


A middle aged local Guide Volunteer said "the animation was fantastic". Itís definitely a must see for all the family. Itís easily a four star.


By Alice

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