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What is Film?

Historically the word film comes from being able to record moving images onto photographic 'film'.


You are able to view the first moving images ever to be recorded in the Palace Cinema at Armley Mills Museum.


Louis Le Prince invented a camera and recorded horsedrawn carriages, trams and pedestrians on Leeds Bridge on the 13th of October 1888. That day marked the birth of the film industry.


Films have constantly been changing and developing since Louis Le Prince's invention. Pianos were played in cinemas to enhance the sound.  Naturally sound became a feature and then to colour. Hollywood really began to lead the way and genres such as Musicals and Westerns became popular.


Nowadays full length feature films are produced by film crews using state of the art equipment.  Examples of modern films that have pushed the boundaries of technology could be 'The Matrix' and 'Mission Impossible III'.


For many people, film is regarded as an important art form. It can be used in different ways for different audiences such as to entertain, educate and to inspire.

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