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What Has Feminism Done For Us?

We have created this Learning Journey to raise the awareness of younger people who might not know of the impact of the 1970s’ Women’s Liberation Movement (WLM) on how we live today. As feminist activists ourselves, proud of the achievements of the past 30 years, we think it's important that students today understand that many of the things we now take for granted simply did not exist 35 years ago. We also hope it will encourage teachers and other learning providers to access the rich holdings of the Feminist Archive North (FAN). This Learning Journey was sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Fund.


In response to women’s situation at the time, the WLM criticised society as male-dominated and condemned all forms of discrimination against women. The WLM campaigned for equal rights and equal pay, and against rape, violence against women, pornography, sexist language and negative cultural attitudes.


Between 1971 and 1978, WLM conferences drafted and passed seven demands to meet its goals. Feminist activists in the UK went on to achieve many of these aims through direct action and pressure group lobbying. Look at the Seven Demands banner image, which is the basis for a worksheet resource for class discussion.


This Learning Journey focuses on Demand No 2 – Equal Training, Education, and Job Opportunities, and highlights the themes of collective action and persistent struggle.


Our resource links the Equality legislation of the 1970s with a case study of Leeds’ women’s activism, exploring how a local pioneering venture made use of public funding and institutions to achieve its aims.


Learning Outcomes

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of the aims of the WLM
  • Increased awareness of the situation of women pre-1980s
  • Familiarisation with current legislation
  • Understanding of the effects of collaborative action
  • Ability to engage with controversy and change 

This resource includes information pages, images, worksheets and links to a wider range of related resources.


The links to Feminist Archive North below will take you to the FAN information page and the FAN website.

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