Exploring Nature and Pattern Through Art


Ruskin loved nature. He liked watercolour paintings of leaves, trees, shells and rocks. He also liked to collect paintings and drawings of animals, birds and insects. Ruskin even collected real beetles, moths and butterflies, which you can see in the Ruskin gallery.

In the What on Earth! gallery at Weston Park, there are many animals to see, from foxes to alligators. If you like spiders or beetles or butterflies, there are drawers and holes with minibeasts inside. There is also a live beehive and a leaf-cutter ant colony, and you can watch the ants and bees as they go about their lives. What do you think the bees are doing? Clue: they are honey bees! 

Why not have a go on the 'Designed for Life' game in the What on Earth! gallery, where you can create your own creature and see how long it survives in different climates.

Have a go at the Create Your Own Minibeast game on this website. Just click the link above to go to the game. You can even compare your minibeast to your friends'!

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