Exploring Nature and Pattern Through Art

Rocks and minerals

Ruskin thought rocks and minerals were amazing. He started to collect them when he was a young boy. His favourite minerals were colourful ones or ones with interesting textures. There are some beautiful minerals in the Ruskin gallery, why not have a look at them. Which one is your favourite?

Can you find the large rock on display in the Ruskin gallery? It's called Schist and was found in Loch Lomond in Scotland. Touch it and have a close look at all the layers that it is made from.

There are even more minerals, rocks and even fossils in the What on Earth! gallery at Weston Park. Have a look for amber, jasper, quartz, amethyst, opal, gold, emerald, a meteorite and even a fossilised shark's tooth!

There are computers where you can investigate the patterns and characteristics of different rocks and fossils. Why not have a go and be a scientist for the day?

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