Exploring Homes in the Past

How do homes change over time? (classroom case study)   

Look at these photographs of old irons.

  • Can you describe the object?
  • How would people have used the iron?
  • Who might have used the object in the past in a rich house and in an ordinary house?

Have a look at a modern iron

Discuss similarities and differences between the old and the modern objects:

  • What are they made of?
  • Where does the heat come from?
  • How are they used?
  • What would they feel like to hold?
  • Are they dangerous?
  • Does it matter what colour they are?
  • Are they shiny?

None of these things on their own tell us that the object is definitely old or new, but together they can give us some good clues.


Which is the oldest?

Can you put the objects in order of how old they are, starting with the oldest?


Complete Worksheets 12 and 13 (download PDF below).

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