Exploring Homes in the Past

Exploring inside homes from the past (museum visit/loan box)

The Pedder Dolls' House is one of the most popular items in the Harris Museum's collection. It is 180 years old and has been played with by lots of children.


Talking about the Dolls' House:

  • Can you identify the kitchen, bedroom, dining room, living room and the nursery?
  • What objects tell them it is the room they have identified?
  • Is there a bathroom? Where is the bath?

Please see the Harris Museum's learning journey Toys From The Past for more detailed photographs of inside the Peddar Doll's House.


Complete Worksheet 6, a drawing activity

Discuss the different household objects. You could use these questions:

  • Do we recognise it?
  • What is it for? (cooking? cleaning? lighting? decoration?)
  • Which room in the Dolls' House might it have been used in?
  • Who might have used it? (mother? father? child? servant?)
  • What is it made from?
  • How do we know it is old?

Complete Worksheet 7 to look at an object in more detail

Expanding this session: at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery we have many more household objects and paintings of domestic scenes that could enhance your Past Homes project. This session could also be facilitated through a loans box from the Lancashire Museums Service (see 'Related Links' below.)

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