Exploring Homes in the Past

Looking at old and new houses (classroom activity)

Did you see anything on the field trip that helped us to tell the old from the modern houses?


Compare the photograph of the 1970s housing estate with the 19th Century terraced house.

What changes can you find between the old and the more modern houses? Which external features show changes?


These categories could prompt your discussion:

  • Building materials
  • Size and shape
  • Number, size and shape of windows. How do they open?
  • Chimneys
  • Front door 

Go back to Worksheet 4. Use what you have just talked about to add further labels to show the differences between the old and new houses.

If you did not use Worksheet 4 on your field trip you could complete it now using the photographs. 


Extension: Photographs of Singleton Hall and the Tudor house.

Can you put all of these photographs and your drawings of different house types (from Worksheet 4) into chronological order? Be ready to explain your decisions!

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