Exploring Homes in the Past

What kinds of houses are near our school? (field trip activity)

Go into the local community using a pre-prepared route plan, visiting different types of houses in the locality of the school.


What is the same and what is different about the homes? What do all the homes have?


These questions are on Worksheet 3: 

  • Does anyone you know live in a house like this? 
  • What name do we call this type of house? 
  • Do you think this is an old or new house? What features tell you it is an old or new house?
  • Do you think this house was built a long time ago?
  • What materials is the house built of?
  • How is this house different from modern homes?
  • What is on this house that is on a lot of houses?
  • Are there any features on this house that are not on many
    of the other houses that we have seen today?  

You could use Worksheet 4 to draw an old house and a modern house. Label features and materials and discuss differences.   

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