Exploring Homes in the Past

Different types of houses (classroom activity)

These are some old photographs of different types of housing in Preston.

What types of homes are they? Which type do you live in?


Do you have any photographs of your own of more modern houses?


You could print the pictures and create a display with labels for the different homes.


Use Worksheet 1 for drawing pictures of the your houses.


What can we see on the outside of houses?


Discussion questions:

  • Can you say what is the same about the houses?
  • Can you say what is different about them?
  • Which is the tallest building? Which is the shortest?
  • What are the houses made of? How many different materials can we see?
  • Do you think any of them have fireplaces inside? How do we know?
  • Which house has the most windows? Can we see any different types of windows?
  • What about types of doors?

Use Worksheet 2 to draw some common and less common features of houses.

Go back to Worksheet 1.

Check that your drawings of your houses have included these common features.

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