Exploring Homes in the Past


This resource features a variety of objects from the Harris Museum's collection, loan boxes, historical photographs and an exploration of the locality of your school.


It provides class worksheets and interactive whiteboard pages containing activity ideas, discussion prompts and a variety of images. It is suitable for use as a class or as a project for a small group.  Download the PDF for the full pack of 13 worksheets.


Curriculum Links:

KS1 History, Unit 2: What were homes like a long time ago?


Learning Outcomes:

  • Talk about houses in the past
  • Recognise common external features of domestic dwellings
  • Identify differences between key external features of old and new houses
  • Recognise different rooms in a house from the past
  • Talk about historical objects
  • Make inferences about aspects of home life in the past
  • Use historically correct language
  • Record observations appropriately through drawing 

Some of the activities will be greatly enhanced by a visit to the Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston. Admission is free and can include use of our Education Room for lunch or for your own activities. We also offer facilitated History, Art and Literacy workshops. Please contact our Education staff on 01772 905405 to arrange a visit.


Handy hint!

Where you would like to compare 2 or more photographs, use 'control' (on keyboard) and 'scroll' (on mouse) to zoom in on the page until they fill the screen.

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