Everyday Life in the Industrial Revolution

About 'Craft Made From Graft'

This resource was developed from a learning pack for teachers entitled 'Craft Woven From Graft' created by staff at Huddersfield Local Studies Library. That pack deals with the industrialisation of the woollen industry at this time, factory conditions, and especially the use of child labour. The pack is available from the Local Studies Library in Huddersfield. 

Several other resources have been created as a result, all linked to each other, including the cloth industry and weaving, factory reform, and Richard Oastler and his long campaign to improve the working conditions of children. 
Links to these other resources are provided below.


Curriculum Links:

KS2 History What was it like for children living in Victorian Britain?

KS2 History How did life change in our locality in Victorian times?

KS3 History Industrial Changes Action and Reaction

KS3 Citizenship Human Rights


Learning Outcomes:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the lives of people during a period of immense change which revolutionised their way of life
  • Thinking and communication skills and practical skills needed to execute the tasks
  • Develops empathy with others
  • Enjoyment, experimentation, making

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