Every Object Tells a Story

Objects in a museum

Aim of the activity: to visit a museum and find out about how museums look after objects and tell stories about the objects.


Discussion topics at the museum:

  • What objects in this museum are connected to your community or local area? What objects are missing? What would you add?
  • Do you see objects that you identify with or have yourself at home?
  • Can you find the oldest object in the museum? Can you find the newest object?
  • Which of the following senses are you able to use in the museum to explore objects?
    Touch, sight, sound, smell.
    Why do you think this is? Which do you prefer?

Ask learners to think about why different objects are interesting or important enough to be displayed in the museum.

Learners can use the worksheet from the Resource Pack (pictured) to collect examples of different types of valuable objects in the museum.

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