Every Object Tells a Story

The value of objects

Aim of the activity: to discuss different reasons why objects might have a special value or meaning to individuals, families and communities.


Discuss as a group the different reasons why people might care about a certain object. Begin with the objects the learners chose to bring in to show the class – why were these objects special? What other reasons can the group think of? Answers could include:

  • It’s worth a lot of money
  • It reminds you of happy times
  • It belonged to someone else in your family
  • It makes your life easier
  • It is connected with a particular hobby or interest
  • You’ve had it a long time

Create a spider gram of all these different reasons you can think of.


Discussion questions:

  • Can objects you use everyday also have a special meaning? Can learners think of any examples of these?
  • Gold and jewellery have a special meaning to many societies. What does gold mean in your community? What does it mean in other communities? Does anyone have a piece of gold or jewellery that means something special to them? Why is jewellery such a popular ‘special object’?
  • Can the group think of any objects that are important to their whole community? What about buildings, statues, or places that are important in the community?

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