Every Object Tells a Story

Which objects are special to you?

Aim of the activity: to explore what significance objects have for different people


In advance of the session: ask learners (both adults and children) to bring in one object that has a special significance to them. You may need to discuss this with the group further to give them guidance e.g. different reasons that an object might be special, examples of the types of objects they could bring. However, try to avoid learners saying specifically what they will be bringing in – the idea is to keep this a secret.


1. Divide the learners into small groups, each of which includes at least one person who has brought in an object. Learners to talk about their objects in small groups, and share why they have brought in that object with others.


2. Working in groups, give learners copies of the ‘Adjective Cards’ (from the Resource Pack), and ask them to choose which ones relate to their object.


3. Ask learners to feedback to everyone else which cards they chose for their object. Discuss with learners what we mean by an adjective.

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