Every Object Tells a Story

Group leader's special objects

Aim of the activity: To enable learners to think about special objects and their hidden stories, by bringing in your own example


Bringing in an object from your own home is a good way to introduce these activities and help learners to think about objects that are special to them.


1. Choose an interesting object with a story behind it (for example a photograph, ornament, memento from a holiday or a family event such as a wedding, something which has been passed down through your family).


2. Explain to the group that this is a special object to you, and has a special meaning behind it. Pass the object around the group if possible.


3. Ask the group to guess the meaning of your object. Show them a selection of cards with possible reasons why the object is special. For example:


Reminds me of a special day

It belonged to someone important to me.

I wrote an important letter with it.


4. Ask learners to vote for the reason they think is correct. Then explain the story behind your objects to the group.

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