Every Object Tells a Story

Special objects in our homes

Aim of this activity: to introduce ideas about objects having special meaning, and to encourage learners to think of examples of their own.


Introductory discussion topics:

  • Which three objects would you save from your home if there were a fire? Why? Are these objects different from what other members of your family would choose?
  • Do your children have favourite toys / possessions? (Or did they used to when they were younger)? What were they, and why did they become so favoured?
  • Where do you keep the objects you value the most? At home? In a certain room? On display or locked away?
  • What is on your mantelpiece at home? Why?

Where do you keep your special objects?

Discuss with the group where they keep special objects in their home. On the mantelpiece, in their bedroom or tucked away in the attic? Use the worksheets provided in the Resource Pack - learners can draw their objects into the templates, and add captions to explain what the object is and why they have chosen it.

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