Every Object Tells a Story


  • How are objects in the home and objects in museums connected?
  • How can you use objects to develop family learning?
  • How are stories linked to objects in the home?
  • How can family stories be used to develop literacy and language?
  • How can this way of working engage diverse communities and cultures?

This resource provides a range of activities for families and adult learners to explore objects in their homes and in museums.

The activities can be used by family learning practitioners or by museum staff.


Curriculum Links

Some of the ideas and materials in this pack are suitable for use when developing schemes of work for the following OCN units in particular:

  • Supporting your Children in Family Learning (HFI/1/QQ/010)
  • Exploring Computers to Support Family Learning (HFI/1/QQ/007)

Learning Objectives


Learners will:

  • Consider the different meanings that objects can have, and why some objects have a special value and meaning to individuals
  • Discuss as a family which objects in their home mean the most, and compare this with the responses from other families
  • Identify and celebrate the special things in their home, and explore how these objects relate to family memories and stories
  • Think about the special meaning objects have over time, and find out about how museums take care of and display some of these objects
  • Develop literacy and IT skills
  • Develop communication and interviewing skills in order to be able to gather information about the past

Every Object Tells a Story is a partnership project between MLA Yorkshire and the School of Education, University of Sheffield, with Sheffield Family Learning and the Burngreave Community Learning Campaign, which has been exploring some of these questions.

More information about the project, and support materials can be found on our website (see Related Links below).

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