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Entertainment and Hobbies in the 1950s

Leeds Children's Day

The clip attached to this page shows the well attended 'Leeds Children's Day' that took place at Roundhay Park every year. It was the coming together of children for sports, gymnastics and other activities and was a really good day out. Families would come to watch, cheering on their own and other children.


Students from St.Barts Primary School in Armley watched the film ''Leeds Children's Day''. They then imagined that they were one of the children in the park. This is what they thought they would...


See:   Parades with people waving. Children running races and dancing around a maypole. People wearing costumes and wigs.


Hear:   The sound of people cheering and shouting. The noise of the parade and the floats. Feet running races and children panting.


Smell:   The hot dog and burger stands, smoke from the trucks, grass and flowers.


Touch:   Rope, bags spoons and sacks from the races. The grass and flowers on the ground. The maypole ribbons, costumes and the atmosphere.


The children then used this information to design a poster advertising Leeds Children's Day, including all the activities that would have taken place. Examples of some of the posters the children made can be seen above.

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