Engaging Young People with Artworks

The Diary Room - asking visitors' opinions

Young people from Museums Sheffield: Youth Forum had been thinking about what they would like to see in the Graves Gallery but wanted to find out what other visitors thought too and so they worked with a variety of artists to create a Big Brother style Diary Room.

The booth asked visitors...

"Share your opinion with us. Come inside and let your voice be heard. We, the Youth Forum, believe that everyone should be able to express their opinion no matter what their likes and dislikes are. Just like us. We are made up of very different people from different places with different ideas!"

The booth was in the gallery for 10 days and was very successful in eliciting 60 responses from the public. One thing that visitors wanted was more ‘interactive’ elements and this is something that the youth forum are pursuing in their current Visual Dialogues project (see Tate Visual Dialogues project).

To promote the installation, the Youth Forum dressed in costumes of characters from the artworks and walked through the Millennium Gallery, enticing the public to visit the Graves Gallery.


How might you have responded to some of our questions?


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