Engaging Young People with Artworks

Graffiti as art?

Kid Acne, Sheffield graffiti artist and hip hop artist, dropped by the Youth Forum. A keen fan and Youth Forum member interviewed him about his favourite artworks at the Gallery and how they relate to his own work. The audio files linked to this page are highlights from this interview. A BBC interview with Kid Acne can be found by clicking on the link below.

Casper Carr, mentor at the Youth Forum, is also a graffiti artist. His work was mentioned in the Times newspaper recently, a link to which is below. His favourite graffiti artists are mode2 from London/Paris and Revok from Los Angeles, USA (links to which can be found below). When asked about graffiti as art, Casper said:

"I think that graffiti is art because the world's first art form was to write on walls, for example: cave man drawings, Aztec drawings and Egyptian heiroglyphs. It's a very exciting and free art form. Also, it is in fact the only American-made artform to use a spray cab to create an image."

Questions to think about:

  • Is graffiti art?
  • When is it regarded as art rather than vandalism?
  • Where do graffiti artists get their inspiration from?
  • Would you want to see graffiti in an art gallery? 

A project called Artspace Online from Leeds Art Gallery (see link below) is currently involving young graffiti artists and is acting as an online platform for their art.

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